I’ve just bought my first notebook - Dennis' Blog of Indiscriminate

Played around with my notebook these days..

  • MS Windows Vista is not that worst....except the UAC.

  • CULV and 8hr battery life is SUPER,   I have never walk with the power adapter on street yet. It change how you do think - like a mobile phone,  can use it at day and charge it at night.

  • Just tried the DXVA with Media Player Classic - HC and it works very well, less then 10% CPU time was consumed. But how can I RIP my own AVI with DXVA compatible encoding?

  • The harddisk is even 30% larger that on my deskop PC.

  • It seem that the CPU is not slower then my desktop  PC also.....

  • The text are little bit small on the 11.6" LCD, it is a problem.

  • Waiting to upgrade to Windows 7

  • I always forget the numlock.

  • The wifi is good, not tried the 802.11-N.

  • I must buy a cleaning toolkit in this month........

  • It is quite tried if you take it and walk for a whole might running out of power before it does.

  • Do you know that they officially remove the 10-half-connection limit from Vista SP2?

  • Some how I disabled the Hibernate feature.....I have to enabled it back later.

  • It is stupid.......... It does not ship with a DVD-ROM or DVD-burner, but pre-installed a PowerDVD (I guess it is for DXVA)

  • It it stupid(x2) .. Acer eRecovery tool cannot produce backup DVD, because it does not have one..... seeking for a remote burn or virtual DVD-burner.

  • It ship with MS Works...try it out later,  but I still have to install Word/Excel Viewer later.

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