The reinventer

They reinvent searching

They reinvent unturrupted power supply

They reinvent web mail

They reinvent web browser

They reinvent ActiveX

They reinvent email

They reinvent http

They reinvent C

What’s next??

5 則留言:

Derek L. 說...

now, they have got the os, the web, and the lang.... my guess is that they are going after the chipset development market to develop cost effective radio transmission chip to be included in their device =.=

Dennis 說...

Not really...

They might have their own IPvGoogle, GoogleTCP first.

I wonder how they make maintain the cloud networks when there are do many servers..

Derek L. 說...

google好似patent左個海上浮游太陽能發電的貨櫃server farm的專利MA.
反正google d server都係放貨櫃GA LA.

不過, IPvGoogle果D我覺得未必.
其實佢新果個HTTP的protocol睇落似係extension to http only. 類似http streaming果類 (我無認真睇哂段news) 如果做到落去tcp/ip level的話, 其實對佢地唔係真係咁有著數

Derek L. 說...

丫, 唔記得左, 個sea-based server farm的資料

Dennis 說...

SPDY is http tunneling over a new protocol, which is designed and is optimized for HTTP and TCP/IP.

In short, it run many http stream over a SPDY connecticon. It gain perfoamnce mainly by header compression, keep-alive TCP connection and stream priority(QoS). If you run a app like wave, gmail, which do polling or do many concurrent request, it is good.

It is not even an extension to HTTP, but a warpper.


I guess IPvGoogle is still possible....
They might build IPv5 and IPv7, or IPv6 extension, who knows?