I've just bought my first notebook

It is a Asia AS1810TZ.

I choose it not because it has many great feature nor size-&-weight.

I choose it because it is the only one in my ideal size with life battery in a acceptable price.

10" inch models are too small for me. 14" inch models are a bit heavy for mobility.  There are not many options between 11.5" and 13" inches.

I've think about HP DV2, but it is hot and short battery from some comment I heard about it. I will eventually do programing on it so I need RAMs and dual-core, netbook is cheap but they are not my choice.

I am looking for some how long lived battery and I found Acer timeline serials. 8 hours, wow, more then a double then the others.

There are not too much options with Inter's solo processor (SUxxxx) CPU which have ultra-low-voltage. Lower power consumption make it lower heat and longer battery.

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